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“We were so impressed with Renee Piane we will be putting her on our national Salon TV Network. Her tune-up tools are great for anyone in a relationship or wanting to find one!”
Rob E. Angelino, CEO of Salon TV Network

‘I’m thrilled Renee’s book is finally complete! She has been teaching for The Learning Annex for 7 years, was our featured “Keynote Speaker” at our annual Sex, Dating & Relationship symposium and is one of our most popular seminar leaders for singles. I know from all the rave reviews we receive that you will only benefit from reading Renee’s words of wisdom. Much success!”
Ira Streitfeld, Executive Director Learning Annex, La., CA.

One of the toughest things for many men to do is to meet women and feel comfortable, and confident enough to make a good impression. Renee Piane is on a mission to help men prepare themselves to meet women. Her new book, Love Mechanics, teaches men what woman look for, helps cure them any feelings of inhibition and fear of rejection and gives them strategies for meeting women and successfully dating them. She gives men the tools to tune up their energy, and confidence, to become more appealing to the women they want attract. If you are confused about women or want to learn some new techniques for dating, this book is for you.
Graham Sale Speaker, author of The Grass Is Always Greenest Where You Water It - A Gentleman’s Guide to Romance!

"The Greatness of “Love Mechanics” is that Renee really does give men practical tools for a successful relationship with women. Every man should have these tools"
Jeffrey Armstrong, author of GOD (Goddess) THE ASTROLOGER, Soul, Karma and Reincarnation How We Continually Create Our Own Destiny

”Renee hands you a toolbox full of witty, clever, and inspiring relationship tools that make ‘getting under the hood’ of your relationship fun and easy!”
Lynelle Goodreau, MFCC

“As a fitness expert who works with the mind/body connection, I have to say Renee Piane’s book “Love Mechanics” really hits home. Renee and I have always agreed that in order to realize long-term outer change, inner change has to occur first, because the mind is where all thought stems from. I think everyone who wants to improve their love life should read Love Mechanics.”
Michael George, Professional Fitness Expert,

“Many men are confused and clueless. If you’re looking for the secrets of women ... listen carefully to Renee Piane. She has a unique way of teaching men the dynamics of the dating game. Renee knows more about what singles really need than anyone in the field. Thank you, Renee.”
Michael Edwards, MFCC

“Renee had a dream; now her book will make dreams come true for millions of men who need some guidance in a form that they can relate to. XXOO...I can only say thank you Renee, for all your help!”
Drew Clausen, single entrepreneur

“I was really impressed with Renee’s work. I have been on her panel and I think that the women of the world will be thrilled that Renee is speaking what powerful women really want these days!”
Heidi Parr, Motivational Speaker

“With Renee’s book and advice, I’ve transformed my wardrobe, my home and my way of thinking. Now my biggest problem is finding enough time for Dating!”
Peter, Engineer

“Love Mechanics deals with the issues that men never think about but women always do. By taking an inside-out approach I was able to transform myself into the person that women were attracted to and wanted to date.”
Antonio, Marketing Consultant

“Forget Mel Gibson, Renee Piane’s book gives men everything they need to know and do to become What Women Really Want. Her passion for teaching men is
truly her gift!”

Douglas McClure, Business owner

“After reading Renee’s book and applying the energy tools, I’ve been meeting fascinating new women, and I’m really prepared for a new relationship.”
Scott, Self-Employed

“I was skeptical about attending Renee’s Love Mechanics Seminar. I really didn’t think a woman would be able to tell me anything I didn’t already know. Boy was I ever wrong!”
Monty T., Financial Planner

“Renee’s seminars are a joy to attend. She has the ability to conwith the audience and make them see the potential within themselves. Her energy and infectious charm captivate the room from start to finish. Now her winning formulas are in her new book if you don’t have a chance to see Renee in person buy this now!”
Sylvia Newton-Robbins, Former Vice-President of American Seminar Leaders Association

“Renee is a limitless bundle of energy, enthusiasm and hard work. She produced many TV segments for our national show and interviewed hundreds of single men around the country. She brought out the best in every man she interviewed and I’m sure her book will bring out the very best in you! Her book is a winner!”
David Loring, Producer of Men Across America.

“I was running through life with my eyes closed and Renee Piane opened them up with her easy step by step techniques. I’ve begun a new exciting life and expanded my mind. You will see what magic Love Mechanics can do for you!”
Michael Pedersen, Massage therapist

“Renee is truly gifted. Her insight into the human condition comes only from a person with true heart.”
Maralyn Facey, Divorce Magazine/Guide for The Single Parent

“After being married for seventeen years, I was rusty, to say the least. Renee’s book and classes changed my life, and now I’m loving being single.”
Lewis Stanton, Business Owner

“My relationship history is one of serial monogamy with one vampire after another, and so, because of the pain I associated with being in a relationship, I closed myself off from any possibility of a romantic relationship. I had given up on love! Renee’s book for men showed me that it is up to me to be aware of myself and to radiate the energy it takes to attract a loving, giving, and committed relationship! I now believe that I
deserve a committed, romantic relationship and that it is a possibility for my life. I can’t wait to read what she writes for women. All men MUST read this!”

Karen M. Actress/Los Angeles, CA

“Renee’s classes and information created great changes in my experience as a single man. I only wish I had learned this information sooner!”
Real Estate Broker

“Renee also tunes up your wardrobe on multiple levels, ... it’s a fine art finding the balance between what you think you like and what you were destined to wear”
Ray Larkin, Businessman

”Renee Piane’s book on relationships is both profound and entertaining. Her advice and suggestions come from fifteen years of research and study on how to navigate the challenges of finding and sustaining successful relationships.”
Peter Johnson, Teacher/Investor

“If you are ready to embrace the pure essence of Love, then this book will usher you to it’s source right within your own being and teach you how to recognize those eligible to receive and reciprocate it.”
Dr, Michael Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Center of Truth.

"Renee Piane has a unique gift of TRUTH. She can look you in the eye and tell you something you’d deck anyone else for saying without offending you”
Isabel Rado Kliegman, author of Tarot and the Tree of Life

Love Mechanics is a handyman’s guide for tuning up your love life. No matter how much horse- power you are driving in your personal life, Renee gives valuable lessons to help you get to your romantic destinations, Renee gives the clear answers to the age old question” what do women really want?” A
handbook guaranteed to raise every man to the next level of friendship and romance with the opposite sex.

J. Reber, Los Angeles, CA.

I will always remember your mantra: Today is another opportunity to flirt with life. What a great way to view the world; not just relationships. Thanks very much, Renee! Anonymous!



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