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Renee Piane's phone or in person makeover sessions or personal coaching will assist YOU in "tuning up" to attract the right people for love, business and friendship. Renee Piane, a Dating Makeover Expert can help you achieve your goals and set you on a posative plan of action!

Why get guidance from one of Americas TOP DATING CONSULTANTS listed in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL as one of the 8 resources for singles in America?
You will get results in your love life!

Renee's mission is to inspire others to "Celebrate Single Life" and be happy alone first! She provides innovative strategies and practical tools for both men and women to live extraordinary and fulfilling lives by preparing them for love from the inside out. Now it is your turn for a LOVE TUNE UP that will change your life!

Renee draws from over 19 years of research and experience in the areas of image consulting, communications, interpersonal relationships, the healing arts, hypnotherapy and NLP. With laser accuracy and insight, she detects obstacles blocking your access to more rewarding relationships and clears the way for the quality of relationships you've always longed for.

Each client has their own unique style and goals that they want to reach and Renee's personal coaching sessions are individually tailored for each person. Let's make magic for you even by phone.

Let Renee help you refine your dating paln and GET RESULTS with:
Personal Matchmaking Services
Updating your style (even on a budget) Renee will take you shopping or assist you by phone on what items will improve your overall look!
Personally assisting you to create & design powerful online phots and profiles that Get Results!
Becoming aware of the image and energy vibes you project and how to improve them easily.
Creating a romantic and stylish environment in your home to attract love.
Conversation ice breakers and questions to ask that make you the most appealing to your dates and discover if you are a match.
Getting over a Broken Heart and Healing Techniques to complete relationships!
Designing your personal success strategy for love. Set realistic goals with a support system to achieve them.
Expanding your social structure and discover where to go connect with great people.
Mastering your communication skills on the phone and on dates.
Creative Dates and where to go out in your area.
Techniques to energetically preparing yourself and your attitude (with open, powerful NLP communication skills)
Enhancing your confidence and charisma and really getting what you want from your life first!
Discover ways to create dynamic energy in order to attract a mate that is a vibrational match for you.

Explore real tools to use immediately and processes that can lead you to fulfillment on your path to love.
Call now to make an appointment live or by phone!

Fees are based on the personal services provided!

Renee Piane
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with Renee Piane, Author of LOVE MECHANICS!

The First Impression ...
... is a Lasting One!

Are you ready to look and feel your best? Renee Piane has been performing Magical Make Overs for years. With her background in the Design, Skincare and Beauty industry, Renee has transformed the lives of many men and women. Have your home reflect your taste and style. Each client has their own unique style and goals that they want to reach and Renee's sessions are individually tailored for each person. Renee will guide and assist you in:

Expanding your Professional and Social Life by Up-Leveling your Image.

Creating Your Own Personal Style and Organizing your Clothes.

Feeling and Looking more Confident for every Occasion!

Enhancing your existing wardbrobe with the perfect accesories.

Creating a Romantic and Stylish environment in your home to attract love.

Referrals to the TOP professionals in the Design, Health, Fitness, Skincare, Dental and Wholistic Healing Industry. Hair Styling and Make-up recommendations ... Recieve service discounts!

You'll look like a Million!

Renee's fee's vary depending on the services performed. Call for a consultation!

Call now to make an appointment live or by phone!

Fees are based on the personal services provided!

Renee Piane

Office 310-827-1100 | Fax 310-496-0940  



What Do Others Have To Say?


"What a life changing experience ... I had a complete makeover by Renee. I feel incredible with my new look. She helped me define my style, how clothes should fit and how to shop for my personality. We went out a number of times to pick out clothing and we always had a blast! Creating a new image made a difference in my confidence level. I was newly divorced and needed some guidance.

I had such a great time shopping with Renee that I called her frequently when I wanted new clothes and to redesign my new apartment. Alias bachelor pad...She took me to places to find bedding, accessories and furniture (chairs, couch and my great bed). She saved me hundreds of dollars with all of her connections and she knows how to work with a budget. From my kitchen, to the bathroom, to my awesome office... I got the complete makeover and IM so glad I did.

My friends and the women I date enjoy my new living environment. Women definitely notice and compliment me on my style and believe me I love it! Every man should have a Renee Makeover..."

- Ken Feinberg


I'm a physician practicing in the LA area. I thought myself to be well dressed at work but my casual clothes were barely suitable. I met with Renee and she offered to assess my entire wardrobe and living environment to determine what was reasonably required to produce the best possible ME.

She started by coming to my home. Using a sharply focused, highly personalized approach, she thoroughly evaluated what I wear and how I live.

On multiple shopping expeditions, we checked out first hand what would look good on myself and in my home (with good value in mid).

Over a course of 3 months, Renee transformed my life. These days I receive compliments all the time on what I wear in all social situations. My home is now optimally comfortable (with touches of classy pizzazz). to invite intimate friends over to play.

Throughout the entire experience, Renee was always amazingly enthusiastic and 110% dedicated to realizing my potential and bringing it to life. She is truly a pleasure to work with and has my highest recommendation."

- Dr. Randy Gilbert


"I thought I was pretty "well tuned"and had a nice wardrobe but after seeing a man that Renee had worked with I realized I needed some refining. My style was ultraconservative and need some spice.

The accessories Renee suggested such as my black snakeskin belt, my new square toed Black Cole Han shoes and adding silver toned glasses and watch really added some flare.

I incorporated more seasonal colors and softer fabrics which made all the difference. I notice that by wearing all of the above I attracted more women than ever before."

- Drew Clausen




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