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The author of “Love Mechanics,” Renee Piane is a widely acclaimed and sought-after inspirational speaker and dating coach/consultant whose life’s work is devoted to educating men and women about how to become fulfilled in their own lives, develop lasting relationships and find true love.

In demand as a personal empowerment coach, image consultant and communications expert, Renee draws from her fifteen years of research in psychology, sociology, and the healing arts.  She is certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), time-line therapy and hypnotherapy.

Renee was inspired to write “Love Mechanics” after conducting hundreds of in-depth interviews with single men across the U.S. for the cable special, ”Men Across America.” She has also interviewed countless relationship experts, doctors and authors on the topics of love, sex, healthy living, and energy research and was hard-pressed to find any credible resources offering these vital guidelines for single people.

This discovery compelled her to research and compile her own material that would more completely address man’s universal need for acceptance and love in the 21st Century. “Love Mechanics” is the first in a series of books that Renee plans to publish on these topics.

Renee is the host and producer of her online radio show, “Love Mechanics” has just debuted on I tunes and many others sites providing weekly tips, inspiring messages and interviews with experts. It is available on www. 

Renee has hosted and been featured on more than 35 different TV shows including CNN NEWS, The Other Half (12 segments). The Today Show, Fox News, Blind Date, The “X Show” (FX), “Love Chronicles” (A&E), “New Attitudes” (Lifetime), “The Debra Duncan Show”” (ABC), “A.M. Philadelphia,” the TV special, “How A Gentleman Should Treat A Lady” (Lifetime), and “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” (nationally syndicated)

She writes a weekly column for various publications in print and online entitled, “Love ” and has been featured in
Los Angeles Times, The New York times, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, Women's Own, I Village, among many others.

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Renee was inspired at a young age by the philanthropic works of her father, who created programs to feed the homeless and house the aged and her mother Angela, who’s door was always open to counsel and heal friends and family with her loving nature.

Renee formed her company LOVEWORKS in 1995 with the goal of becoming a catalyst for affecting positive change in people’s interpersonal lives, thus building stronger communities.  Her popular networking events in Los Angeles, and her own dedication to in helping non-profit organizations has encouraged many single people to volunteer.  Using her abundant charm, charisma and infectious optimism, Renee teaches that by ‘Flirting with Life’ and giving back, singles can attain more success in life and love than they ever dreamed possible!  

OUR MISSION! is a powerful resource center of leading edge products, information and events that will empower and influence your life in all areas, personally and professionally.

Renee Piane's author of LOVE MECHANICS, assists single men and women in "Tuning Up" their "Energy" and "Attitudes" to attract the right people for love, business and friendship. Renee has taught seminars for the Learning Annex for 12 years and researched in the Love Field for over 15 years. She also hosts popular social networking events, interesting discussion groups (with panels of men and women) and "Rapid Dating" events in Los Angeles to offer people many opportunities to connect.

Renee's mission is to become a catalyst and role model to inspire others to Build community, Believe in Love & Celebrate Single Life". Let Renee guide you to learn to build your own support system and community and remove the stigma about being "SINGLE". These events and services offer all of us an opportunity to connect and expand our network. You'll be filled with life changing skills to achieve your love goals and really getting what you want from your life, first!

We are dedicated to connecting people with the experts they need to achieve the lifestyle they desire.  

This educational network will provide a voice and a catalyst for affecting positive change by having a one-stop shop for the classes and the materials to educate people worldwide about all the phases of love, health and communication skills. The topics covered are varied and innovative. We will also be hosting sponsored seminars, private online coaching services and multi-media events that bring people together in communities nationwide. features Renee Piane's products, which are focused on communicating all the options, tune-up tools and mechanics of being single in the new millennium. Her new book "LOVE MECHANICS" will be the first in the series to teach single men how to "create" themselves first before moving into relationships. Renee's product promotions will bring useful cross-traffic to products and services featured on the site.

The's TUNE-UP CENTER has opportunities for you to expand the reach of your products or services to millions of interested clients each day.

Are you an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business owner, author or artist with interests in promoting your business or services to the consumers in the love and relationships industry?

A premier portal for individuals looking for love and the products that will help in achieving their goals, will promote your product or service and drive traffic to your website for maximum results.

In the future, the's TUNE-UP CENTER will feature attractions in cities nationwide for singles to find interesting people. Restaurants, bars, museums, concerts, parties, events and educational classes will be featured in a "single's yellow pages" format. An interested client can go to the's TUNE-UP CENTER and search by city for special events and locations.

Here are some examples of the types of companies that will share their expertise in the numerous fields that relate to love and relationships. Each are in different categories within the TUNE-UP CENTER.

Therapists and Support Groups
Seminars for Success in Relationships
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Cosmetic Surgery and Dentistry
Career Consultants
Romantic Gifts and Cards
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Poetry Books
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Fung Shui Specialists
Books and Tapes on Relationships
Heath clubs and Day Spas
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Massage Therapists
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Household items that Create Romance
Maid Services
Personal Assistants

What are the benefits? maximizes the widest range of radio, television, and Internet advertising and marketing strategies to promote love and relationship products and services. Your business can be promoted and marketed while Renee is on her book tour and radio circuit. 

Renee Piane, founder of, is a nationally recognized expert on relationships and has been featured on numerous radio and television shows, such as "Men are from Mars Women Are from Venus" (CBS), "Love Chronicles" (A&E), The "X Show" (FX), Lifetime's "New Attitudes", "How a Gentleman Should Treat a Lady" and the tape "Hot Tips on Dating Beautiful Women".

She has also been well known in this field for producing and hosting a national cable show called "Men Across America", and featured expert via satellite on "AM Philadelphia" many times.

Renee is a dynamic seminar leader, instructor and relationship coach and was host of a national radio talk show called "Love on the Edge". She created the web site called and has a column featured weekly in Entertainment Today.



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